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Welcome to the website of GHS Dadra Bala, District Sahiwal. This school is situated at distance of 6 kms to the north of historical city of Harappa at the bank of river Ravi Establishment of School  It was established in 1915 as Primary School. Establishment of School as a Middle Level. It was upgraded as a Middle School in 1951. Upgradation of High School. It was upgraded as a High School in 1st May 1988 Muhammad Ramzan s/o Muhammad ...
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Govt. High School Dadra Bala District Sahiwal
Govt. High School Dadra Bala District Sahiwal
Dadra Bala Via Harappa city Tehsil & District Sahiwal Harappa, Pakistan
Contacts:  +923016935661

Principal Message



 Dear People and Students,

Aslamo Alakum, 

God says in The Holy Quran IQRA. It is first order of the God to get knowledge.

The Holy Phrophet says that to get knowledge is obligatory for every man and woman.

 We are severing the students of the area and imparting knowlidge to the students.

Our Motto is Education for all.

God bless you.



 Dated: 16-03-2014
 The students are informed that after the SSC exam Part...